Faces of Wisdom

Film Competition


Record stories & wisdom that inspire you and compete for prizes!

For a unique adventure: pack your camera, your smartphone, a water bottle and your ideas. You may not need to look far, or it can take you on the journey of a lifetime!

Explore the world around you and tell us your stories. So get those cameras rolling and feature yourself or a Siberian Shaman; a 'cool cat' with awesome skills down the road, a local artisan or your beloved grandmother sharing her folktales! Let your imagination and creativity flow. A Jury composed of international Filmmakers will vote for the best entries!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE : The Competition ended the 16th of March 2014

The 2014 Winners have been announced:--Faces of Wisdom Awards 2014--

'Spinning a Yarn' by Gloria Kurnik.

-Using the metaphor of the silkworm finding it’s way into the world, feasting on a banquet of mulberry leaves and spinning a cozy cocoon in which to dream of becoming a butterfly, and through the poignant images of patient hands spinning the finest silk, we are reminded of the responsibility carried by each of us as individual strands the fabric of Live. Beautifully photographed and narrated, this Q spins it’s wisdom story with elegance and understatement.-

'Play This at My Funeral' by Tellervo Kalleinen & Niina Lehtonen Braun.

-We are taken on a trip of thoughtful moments from a question sung to us and the characters in this film: What instrument would you like to have played at your funeral? A film that leaves the safety of spoken or written word behind, and communicate with through music and visuals and faces filled with wonder, doubts, worry, humor and joy. It is moving and meaningful as it addresses a subject that is often shrouded in taboo – our own death and our relationship to it.-

'Dream Readers of Amazon' by Nitin Das.

-Deep in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, the ancient Ashuar tribe has mastered the art of dreaming. They are deeply aware of a very essential principle of life: Before we draw, build or manifest anything we imagine it in our mind, we have a dream. Today´s dreams are tomorrow´s reality. The film encourages us to feel responsible not only for what we do but also what we dream.Be careful what you dream about.. it just might come true…-

-Special Merits-

'Beyond Words', by Helene Moltke-Leth

'In Memoriam', by Niina Suominen

'The Ultimate Teacher' by Nonne Catherine Rosenring

-Special WildHeart Vision Mentions-

'Forrest Spirits' by Salla Hämaläinen

'A Tribute to Unity' by Joseph Akwasi

-Faces of Wisdom Festival Highlights-

'These are Mysteries' by Mika Johnson

'The Baker' by Christian Francies-Davies

'A Brief Intermission of Copied Wisdom' by Alba Lange


1st Award: 3.000 euros & a License for AVID's Media Composer 7 software!
2nd Award: 2.000 euros! The WILDHEART VISION Award!
3rd Award: 1.000 euros & a TRAVELLINK Travel Voucher!
Special Award: SAMSUNG's NX2000 Camera!


  • Create a 1-7 minute Film around the theme: "Wisdom in your world".
  • Entrants can interpret "Wisdom in your world" in any way they choose and films can be in documentary, animation, comedy, drama or narrative or any other preferred format or genre.

The only mandatory requirements are:

  • Produce a film that is original in content.
  • The entry should be between 1-7 minutes including titles and credits.
  • Abide by all the rules set out in the Terms & Conditions [regarding areas such as: copyrights, clearances, defamatory or illegal content etc...] Please refer to Terms & Conditions.


The Jury will assess each entry against the following criteria:

  1. Uniqueness of the visual material provided.
  2. Inventiveness & the creativity used to convey traditional knowledge and/or traditional techniques and know-how.
  3. Excellence of the technical execution & the editing.
  4. On brief.


Log into FacesOfWisdom.org

Fill in your profile information, and follow the instructions to submit your video ("Entry"). As part of the submission process, you will need to:

  1. Provide your name.
  2. Provide the URL of your video.
  3. Give your video a title.

If you are a team of individuals submitting an Entry, the Entry should be submitted under the email account of the team leader. All the individuals on the team should be identified in some way in the description for proper attribution.

You must be the named and authorized account holder of the email account through which your Entry is submitted. The authorized account holder is the natural person whose information was submitted to the email provider when the account was created. Entries submitted will not be returned or acknowledged.

Contacts and General Information concerning the Contest: contact@facesofwisdom.org 

For Sponsorhips & Partnerships please contact: nina@facesofwisdom.org

                                                     --The Competition ended the 16th of March 2014--


"Faces of Wisdom" Film Competition gives young Filmmakers & Artists in Scandinavia and around the world the opportunity to win Scholarships & film equipment funding, gain international exposure through short film storytelling.



We would like to thank our Partners, Sponsors and Donors!

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